Submission guidelines

Notes from Below is a socialist journal that uses class composition analysis to ground revolutionary politics in the perspective of the working class. We’re always looking for pitches, even if they’re unrelated to the topic of the upcoming issue. Send us an email at [email protected].

Upcoming issue—Technology

We are seeking submissions for our upcoming issue on technology, scheduled for spring 2018.

For this issue, we are looking for pieces of between 1,000 and 4,000 words on class composition and technology. Written contributions are divided into four types for Notes from Below: “Inquiry” which involves original research into class composition; “Bulletins” written for and by workers and militants; “Theory”, perspectives on working class struggle from the most advanced and relevant parts of theoretical debate; and “History”, pieces about the historical co-development of class struggle and capitalist exploitation. Within this, we are flexible about the form contributions take. For example, they can involve original research, interviews, reporting, or new perspectives. Similarly, we can also host podcasts and videos on the website if this form is more suitable for the content.

In terms of content, we are looking for contributions that develop from issue 1, updating and refreshing class composition today. Clearly, technology has developed substantially since Marx’s time, as well as the later Workerists. We want to continue our analysis into class composition today. For this issue, it means interrogating technology from the perspective of the working class. As Raniero Panzieri argued, ‘the relationship of revolutionary action to technological ‘rationality’ is to ‘comprehend’ it, but not in order to acknowledge and exalt it, rather in order to subject it to a new use: to the socialist use of machines.’

Below is a list of possible areas we would like to commission:

  • The use of technology in different workplaces and forms of resistance.
  • Historical analysis of working-class politics and technology.
  • Workers’ inquiries in the technology sector - focusing on question of the labour process, resistance, and organising.
  • What potential is there for using technology to disrupt, organise, agitate in other industries.

There is a soft deadline of a first draft by March 1, but we can work around that if necessary.

Send us a pitch at [email protected]—we are happy to work with potential contributors to develop ideas.

This issue is being curated by Marijam Didžgalvytė and Wendy Liu.